lundi, septembre 22, 2008

my opening.. dedicated to u..

My very first blog-o-rama.. i dunno y but i simply wanna dedicate this 2 u.. who dedicated these words below to me once upon a time ago.. dt totally change my life n made it a a strong reason for me to smile when i wake up every morning.. :)
The dawn is breaking
A light shining through
You're barely waking
And I'm tangled up in you

I'm open, you're closed
Where I follow, you'll go
I worry I won't see your face
Light up again

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide

I'm quiet you know
You make a first impression
I've found I'm scared to know I'm always on your mind

Don't stop here
I lost my place
I'm close behind

You'll finally find
You and I collide


2 commentaires:

♥ misz orAne ♥ a dit…

welcome to blogger world..;)

since u baru sgt..

i nk tag u..hehe..

senang je..

jus write 15 things about u that everyone should know.

good luck..=)

annaheim a dit…

whoa...kaknad punye blog..haha~!