vendredi, novembre 14, 2008

Coto makassar

Mid sems r over! but no holiday for us cz its bck to work work work.. even heavier load this time around. My last ppr was on d 12th.. 2 days ago.. practical for pathology.. n Alhamdulillah it was owkays.. neways, post exam feevah!! Immediately after i finishd my ppr, i was rogered by my friends.. "nad, anak2 mau ke tempatna coto makassar.. yuks!" let's go bebeh!

So this coto makassar, sumtg like sup gearbox but jz dt the soup is of thicker gravy and u get to choose ur organs to accompany ur soup. There were: otak, hati, paru, lidah, daging & loads more.. & since i'm not such a big fan of internal organs, i took a mini combi of lidah & daging, & usually u eat ur soup with 'buras' [ketupat like bt crispier] but coz 'buras' was out of stock for d day, i took rice.. n guess what i had for drinks??? es pisang ijo.. u'd be surprised to see that the pisang is really green! Inside this es pisang ijo, it's like our ais kacang but there isn't as much condiments as it is called es kacang ijo. The syrup was rose syrup with gandum & green banana cut into small pieces.. All in all, i gv it two thumbs up and a must try tag on it.. where??? well its some where in d area of somerset hotel surabaya.

oh oh.. guess where they brought me after?? dolly.. daylight view but not much activity.. it seems normal anyway.. bt evn in daylight, the call girls do wait arnd n sit arnd for customers. agak eww jugak laaa.. if ur wondering wut's dolly, it's the biggest prostitution area or centre in south east asia..

ok folks.. dts for now.. i wanna show u my new baby.. my pearl blck LG.. well it was k.add's baby n now it's mine.. i'm loving it to bits! Took a photo of it last sun as soon as i got it installed to it's place n cable [thx to momo for d big help!] .. next post aites!

waiting for queen b.. babe u owe me highlights!

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