dimanche, novembre 16, 2008

KFC.. what u should know.

I got this from another blog quite a while ago, & i find it very2 useful. If you're a KFC lover, please READ this because you don't want to land yourself in Institut Jantung Negara sooner than u think.

[this article below is copy pasted from Azman's blog, for the purpose of public knowledge. I didn't link the article to lessen readers' hassle]

KFC: Exposed, And What To Eat There

I've just finished the most physically and mentally demanding task: finishing a portfolio case following a bad case of fever. To celebrate that, lets talk about food.

KFC has now made available the nutrinional value of their menu to the public.
Although I do hope they have it in block letters, displayed smack in the middle of their menu board.

I've done a simple observation. Here is the consensus.

Original Recipe is healthier
than Hot & Spicy. Drumstick is the healthiest choice of chicken parts.
Hot & Spicy thigh meat is the unhealthiest.

People normally eat their chicken by the pieces. So if you have to eat KFC (I'm not implying that you must), pick O.R. Drumstick. it's the healthiest choice. And stop at one, please.

KFC Burgers are not healthy
. It's probably the mayonaise. So don't bother ordering them.

Don't let the size fool you. A small pack of KFC Popcorn Chicken is slightly bigger than a matchbox, but packs 180 kcal. Get something else for the kids.

This is my favourite item on the menu. KFC whipped potato. 60 kcal for a scoop of potato.

Ok. The next item on the menu will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

So you think vegetable is healthy?

Check this out.
Tangy Coleslaw. A whopping 150 kcal for a single scoop!! And 14g of fat! That's more fat packed than in a piece of chicken. It's the mayonaise people! We should ban mayonaise!!

In contrast, the KFC Garden Salad is by far the healthiest item on the menu.
30 kcal and 0g (!!) fat, without the Popcorn Chicken bits, without dressing.

So, if you really have to eat in KFC, here's what I suggest you eat:

1 piece of O.R. Drumstick.

1 scoop of Whipped Potato.

1 bowl of Garden Salad, hold the Popcorn Chicken and dressing.

Plain water.

Anything more will land you in the National Heart Institute before you could say artherosclerosis.

> KFC anyone?

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nadhirah mohd shakri a dit…

omg!this is so scary!
i'm a KFC lover laahh..
luckily,i only love d ori ones =)

spyderlily a dit…

omg sgt! bt alaa i like both.. heheh bt luckily i mostly eat d drumstick :)

Adam Z a dit…


:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: a dit…

omg! like serious ly!
u know every time i blik mesia mesti crave for d mash potatoes...
now i bley jd paranoid mkn kfc.. hehe. bw calculator kire calories intake. hehe..

i love kfc. uh pakcik kolonel...
y? y?