jeudi, novembre 27, 2008

my harmony..

I dun care wut they say.. coz i'm in love with u.. yes u.. :)

so this post is dedicated to u.. who makes me sing michael buble's everytg out of sudden.. who watches me get ready for school & who accompanies me study at nite evntho the time difference is 4 hours & u so have to sleep bt u kept yourself awake & lapar kari kepala ikan at 3am! who always wakes up with a blocked who makes me smile with ur endless jokes about everything in this world.. who is trying to kill the lich king.. who tries to understand that shopping = nadiah.. who listens to my endless rantings about shoes & about me wanting to buy a manolo blahnik franchise in malaysia.. hahaha.. you who tries every effert in d world to make me smile when things go sooo wrong.. who tries his very very best to edit my blog skin fitting it to my needs but the blogskin mmg sgt problemated.. you who sings thru the f2 button of msn.. you who keeps a trolley in ur living room.. who cooks lasagna for himself & suddenly gets on high demand.. you who cooks pasta keras.. who is sooo lazy to shower due to the cold weather.. you who tries every odd to understand me.. you whom i cherish.. evryday.. evntho ur a thousand miles across the sea (i dunno wut sea.. but surely sgt byk jaws).. ur still there.. i know u r.. being as happy as can be


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Adam Z a dit…

awwwwhhhhhhh...thanx sayanggggg...huuuuuuuuggggggggggssssssss n kissesssss x 23582582060969668485...ehem becoz this is a public blog...there r things that i cant write here...we can continue later on d phone or chatting...hehehehhehehe...luv u to bits :)