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Nadiah Ahmad Fuad

Vaginal douching among women is simply a routine adapted since centuries ago. Women a kind douche to many reasons, which among those are to maintain vaginal cleanliness apart from feeling fresh, as a method of cleaning the vagina after menstruation, a way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases pre and post coitus and as a therapy for vaginal infections. However douching as it is implicated to harm the reproductive system in such ways of the increasing number of pelvic inflammatory diseases, ectopic pregnancy, cervical carcinoma, reduced fertility, high risks of sexually transmitted diseases and most common and popular, bacterial vaginosis, till now remains controversial.

This study done is of case-control whereby 8 case respondents of which with bacterial vaginosis were given questionnaires on douching. Apart from that, 24 control respondents were also given questionnaires on douching. From the total of 32 respondents, 19 women (59.4%) of ages ranged 20-25 practices douching, 13 women (40.6%) douches everyday, a number of 13 women (40.6%) uses 25ml of liquid to douche in a month and 17 women (53.1%) douche using antiseptic povidon iodine.

Vaginal douching is most popular among young women and usually this routine is done due to education exposure on hygiene or domestic exposure where douching is passed down from generations. However, the relations of which douching could cause bacterial vaginosis among women who practice is not yet proven because apart from the variables measured, there are other factors that could induce the bacterial infections such as surroundings, low income, lack of education and poverty. From this study, those factors could not be measured at proper heights due to the number of bacterial vaginosis reported is less than 15 in the year of 2008 at the Dr Soetomo Teaching Hospital, Surabaya, thus decreasing the relevance to the case-control calculations.

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