mardi, janvier 13, 2009

my eyes in you

Reaching out to everyone out there.. Let's put ourselves together & never stop praying for the children of Palestine.

For all the tiny lives that were taken.. for all the tears shed.. for the slaughter that they had to watch.. for the sinful bombings that they had to flee from.. for the lost that they had to encounter.. Dear god, please ease the pain that these children are bearing.. please wipe away their tears & diminish their sorrows.. please put a smile on each of them.. coz even to the war that they had to fight & survive.. there are still every sunrise to hope for better peace & civilisation.. please dear God.. Don't take too many of them away.. Let them see the world, let them touch the grass, let them breathe the air.. for at least..30 years from now.. coz these innocent lives are faraway from sins of mankind but still being made primary victim of man's greed & foolishness.


*my delirium.. cant wait for that smile.. thank u for the org kuning ;D *

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%&#@*^$!!! *cursing yahudis*