dimanche, février 01, 2009

oh oh i've been tagged!

nad sorryyy!!! i seriously x perasan dt u tagged at the end of ur post. hehehe.. ok so here it is!
10 things about the person who tagged u..

1. name: nadhirah!!! ok i noe everyone knows her full name already so i'l cut it short.. heehee.. n so we call her nad..

2. totally.. deeply.. madly.. taken & in love with her jantung manis.. asyraf elmiza.. omg they're soo sweet!! seriously..

3. she's just so adorable!

4. most of the time.. i see nad i see ezy..

5. very pink! heheheh.. i guess cz most of the time i c her there's more than 1 pink object

6. very smart! rajin sgt sgt also

7. I like reading ur blog babe.. but sorry i never leave trails.. heehee.. promo: bacelah nad's blog.. there're just soo many stories in it!

8. she likes to smile :D

9. she's soo petite!

10. avid blog reader..

surely there's more to this but i cant pour out anytg more right now sbb tgh blur.. saye lapar!! my maid tgh beli food kt pasar.. hope she doesn't dili deli.. haih.. tmrw final two papers!!!! yeeha!

*my delirium.. u snore pot!!!! bangonnn!!!!!!!!*

3 commentaires:

Adam Z a dit…

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...huh? wah? oh hi nad...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

nadhirah mohd shakri a dit…

hahahahha...more than 1 pinky objects? saye setuju! =D

thanx babe sbb dh jwb tag..

gOod luck final! mwax

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: a dit…

jp2..spe nadhirah? hehehe
just kidding...
hehe ktrunk ngah blakon mkn tpi stil nmpk rkus gak.lol...