vendredi, février 13, 2009

25 random things about me

I've been tagged at facebook but sgt malas to rep there coz it's like too many of those tags put on notes and i've been tagged a gazillion times i guess.. but oh well i'll jz rep here & i'm not tagging anybody back eventhough the magic of randomness only works if u tag another 25 ppl.. lalalalala yea right!!

ok here goes numero uno.. jeng jeng jeng

1. i'm very very vain that i have 2 mirrors in my room (big & small) and another one hanging right opposite my door..hehehe.. so as i walk out i could still stare myself down.. hoho

2. i still imagine myself singing live for a gig.. hahaha.. bleeding love!

3. my determination of buying zara's franchise & a mini cooper is getting stronger n weirder by the day.. oh dear..

4. i rarely go to the mall or hangout for the pass 6 months.. which is something new!!!

5. my patience of waiting for images to load during video conferencing gets better..hahaha only cause it's for ganja oke.. cz ur so rajin trying to move in skipped motions.. n dissapearing into thin air (says the screen) but ur still talking (says the mic).. scary.

6. i think black & white photos are smoking hot & sexy.. plus it brings the emotion out of u..

7. i've gotten tired of eating cupcakes but never stop looking for more designs

8. i would really wanna be good at ballroom dancing & salsa.. hahaha weird weird

9. today was the 1st time i tried out the bath tub in my house after living here for about a year! hahahhaha... jarang balik okays..

10. whoaaaa.. 15 more to go.. let's see.. i've just finished answering a quiz called which vibrator are you.. WEIRD GILE!!! ok adam ur weird tooooo cz u answrd with me! hahahhahaa.. oh n there was this question asking "which sound of the vibrator suits your sound".. errr I didn't know that it comes in a variety pack.. so being as logic as i could.. i chose the answer with the longest sentence.. don't ask me what was it but all in all.. the result was: i'm a lick.. errkk? wut the heck???

11. i luv dollhouses & pollypockets..

12. i miss my chiqas sooooooooooo sooooooo much.. :(

13. I..nadiah.. the person who wanted to go home the minute she sees surabaya.. has actually adjusted to the fact that it's actually kinda owkay.. infact i miss my "darhus family".. the craziness!! n yes ppl i'm coming back soon.. don't miss me too much oke.. "terharu-ness" heheh

14. i hate pakcik tua yg gatal!!!! omg my flight back here was crappy... sgt byk org tua gatal mintak phone number.. nk ajk mkn laaa wut laaaa.. omg EWWW!!! & they're so persuasive that they won't leave u till they get ur num.. but takut bini so tulis dlm kertas.. x save dalam phone.. hahahah gle budus! so guess wut?? i gave my dad's phone number! ngahahahaha.. tulaaa gatal lagi.. & that's for thinking students are easy to be bought.. i hate them.

15. i have this wish that one day i'd go to ibiza & party till the sun comes out.. heheheh..

16. malibu + bikini + a.z. + sunblock..heheh..

17. i dun "awwhhh soo cute" to cats n other furry supposedly to be cute a-mi-nals in a sincere tone.. coz they scratch! (adam: high 20!)

18. i think kick boxing is soooo sexy.. for women. for guys? i dunno.. never thought..

19. ben affleck's chin is kinda cute

20. i really wanna one day sing & play jazz on my piano.. *sigh.. one day..

21. i'm so picturing myself as meredith grey.. n i think patrick dempsey's eyes are gorgeous

22. sometimes i jz wish i'm a dolphine..

23. adnin: saye rase senyuman strokes adalah menawan..

24. overwhelmed by the fact that ganja's voice singing patrick nuo's beautiful was soooo good!! never knew that u could sing.. diamond!

25. i think i'm gonna kick ass as a doctor :)

i could hardly open my eyes now.. goodnite life..

*my delirium... snore..hahaha..*

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