mercredi, mars 11, 2009

A 5 minute pace at 6 am..

After reading the comment from my previous post, first reaction was laugh so hard till my nose actually got partially blocked! (giler clutz!) then i tried to reply but the internet went bonkus. But oh well to THOSE (ye awak..) who's still wondering what anak & dalam stands for.. Anak is pediatrics & dalam is short for penyakit dalam which is internal medicine.. hahhaa does this fit the kamus that ur looking for? (high 5 yern!) hehehehe.. but thank you for asking neways.. I have to admit it was kinda klaka.. heehee..

Aites so i woke up at 5.45am pacing.. blur kejap.. and suddenly it came to me.. oh yeah! today ade class.. heheh.. god nadiah wake up!!

Just for laughs.. the night of march the 7th, my ultimate gossip trio (immy & momo) came by.. with a tiramisu cake with this semi huge candle that says out loud 22! whoaaaaa... THANK U!!!!! :) pheeweetttt sweet betul! and then ika came by with ameng to drop my bday present and if u were to see it, u'll be laughing ur nuts off at me.. It's this pink tee with a monkey face on it.. and the monkey actually has a ponytail & wears earrings.. how cutteee.. hahaha.. and then yesterday after class, got another tee from lynn & dayah.. doraemon in studdeds!!!! hahahahhaha A.Z had a feast laughing at me.. (goddd i misss uuuuuuuuuu)

oh noooo!!!! i'll be late if don't move out now.. till after 2pm aites.. :) cheers!

*my delirium... i hope msn does me some good tis noon..*

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Hakim Nasir a dit…

oho gelak sampai pecah perut yea,,thats happen when masscomm student asking bout med term..two different world.eheh thank "anak" gadis.