vendredi, mars 27, 2009

i c u when u c me

i miss photography.. i want to bring my baby out for a walk and capture something in b/w..

i miss mommy soooo much right now.. i dunno but this sudden gush of feeling.. "HOMESICK" strucked while i was eating coto makassar just now.. n it felt so sucky inside that i wish i was in my room hugging meows (thats what i call my pet leopard :D) oh well i chitty chat with mommy more than once today.. that was really soul filling.. wow nad jiwangs..

i miss a.z. miss miss miss a.z. *sigh* wish u were here.. (nyanyi lagu incubus..heheh)

i miss the beach.. the calm feeling while enjoying the sounds of wind + wave.. watch the water flow and how the sun reflects widely onto it during sunset..

i miss my sanity.. at home.. with nutty tart to gossip.. (walaupun adik sy sgt innocent but i manage to crack some naughtiness out of her! yeeehaa!) and race eating burger and fries.. damn i miss malaysian mcdonalds.. godd naddy.. stop yapping like a grandma!!

*my delirium.. moondance*

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[missunshine] a dit…

kak nad!!

i miss my mama so mucchhh gak!! wuaaa :(