jeudi, mars 26, 2009

oh it's driving me crazeh!

Please know that my internet provider.. toot tooot toooot.. sucks! At one point it loads everything so fast sampai terase mcm malaysia. Then the next day everything went bonkus and i couldn't connect myself. I'm suppose to send out few emails but due to this sick-sick-i-don't-what-suits-well connection, my work piles up.. Much Much hated ..grrrrrr.. but thank u connection for connecting me here.. at least some sanity..

anyways, promised manes that i'd put this here.. so after watching dragonball.. yang only 80mins! (i want half of my money back) we went around mall and saw few breathtaking eye catching things.. but i had to hold to my horses coz my LEmaRi just couldn't take in anymore and plus i have few "pedoman diagnosis & terapi" to buy.. so so sooo.. we went for supper near jalan sulawesi and it was angsle & ronde-ronde.. boley laaaa... angsle is like abc but without those grated ice or wuteva u call it.. but ade roti inside.. funny i noe :D but it seems nice.. seeems. ronde2 is this bulat2 with kacang inside and the soup is hot ginger.. terbakar man! oklaaaaa.. but anyways guess what we saw there.. ade this 3 girls with hmm maybe i should say different sexual orientation? yes so you see i dun care how vertical or horizontal their orientation are but helllll one of them were busy 'massaging' the other girl's b**%s and b*%^@.. and it went on and on and on til manes finished his 3rd order.. babe, get a room.. the place was small.. really small.. so it felt really awkward watching them "exercise".. hee. so after that manes it all energized so he decided to drive. sleepy me became well awake!! please note that he just got his license and he is blind when it comes to directions. So it was hell of a ride! mcm ulat manes nye driving orientation.. so according to him "waaa selamat ya.. kalian barusan mengalami NDE= near death experiece" hahahahha what the hecckkk??? luckily the roads were almost clean.. thank god!

there's alot more to blab about coz everything has rockin wheels now..but i need to crack some notes kejap before subuh.. n ohh.. i'm really really enjoying myself with clerkship.. u learn things deeper.. but i'm still nervous to encounter critical patients.. and i've self-diagnosed myself with insomnia after psychiatry just now.. not the critical ones caused by depression but just difficulty in sleeping.. (when sleeping is supoz to be the best best part of life..)

i'm soo tired.. i want to and need to sleep.. but i can't.. i'll just toss and turn in bed and evn if i fall asleep it'l jz be max 1 hour.. then i'l b dreading for d sun to be out coz i cnt sleep.. n no i don't sleep in the afternoon or evening or whatever.. i'm brain tired and almost worn out..

but still trying.. goodnight life.. wish me luck.

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