dimanche, mars 29, 2009

oh no.. monday is here.. again!!!

i woke up just now having this terrible shoulder-ache... which reaalllyyyy ragged my mood away coz it makes you really tired for some reason.. and i'm having this post air mata kucing syndrome.. addicted.. or it is vanilla latte? i guess so.. been having too much of it. I did post something about coffee a while ago... i tried practicing and applying some of the theories and it's proven right.. toothache free (yup).. sleepy free (totally!).. energizer bunny (yeh bebeh!).. and most important.. better focus and concentration.. very very true.. but the cons of it---> super easy past motion & sleepless nights.. coz most of the time i'm awake. So it's just few hours of sleep but growing eyebags.. n ooooo mommy said, teabags help to ease of eyebags.. never tried.. but who knows! :)

i'm off now.. study muddy.. plus i have to get my poster done by tonight.. for hari keluarga PKPMI'CS..

ohhh to members of PKPMI'CS, please come and join the annual family day at FK UNAIR.. near the tennis court. It'll be on the 4th of april 2009 from 7.30am-4pm.. LOADSSSS of interesting prizes (coz syamir yg pegi shopping! yeehaaa) FUN GUARANTEED!
Rp 10,000 per person (R.S.V.P by 1st april 2009)

tata life..

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Adam Z a dit…

hahahha..best tak poster yg i buat? :D