jeudi, juillet 16, 2009

a decent mix of asia and western classics

I've been doing nothing but shoe hunting (as it has always have a lil soft spot in my keen eye). This time, it's something what i would call it a great mix between what asia is best known of... batik.. with i'm quite sure it originates from the other-than-asian-continent.. the pumps.... it certainly has a vintage touch on it!

I got this while doing online window-shopping from bed! coz i kinda had my temporal mandibular joint misalligned causing it to have a click sound everytime i open my mouth.. (ouch.. i know).. the doctor said i might have some muscle tear near that area.. hahaha yeslaaa! it adds up to my list of sickness eveytime i'm back for holiday. Anyway folks, enjoy the shoe mix! cheers~

*shoes by KULKITH... handmade in bandung.. don't u just love it!*

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