vendredi, juillet 31, 2009

penat tapi bahagia.

That's friday so far for me. Been able to charge my phone full! yeehaaa!! i lub u berry :) and i managed to irritate lunch over his mini cooper s yang tak sampai-sampai.. hahaha.. (sabo je la ye) and tooddaaayyyy, i'm going shopping with nutty tart! S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G! have a list of my i-want but will have to eliminate some.. nanti last2 beli satu je..hahahhaha..

Yesterday i tumpang sekaki when mommy bought materials at biwanis.. sooo now i'm hunting for the right dress to make out of it.. luckily there's darling maktok who is always so semangat to help me out. wuteva it is, it has to much with my flats or those new pair of glads.. orrrr... heee beli glads baru lagi!! Malaysia is on sale kan.. ape lagi (mommy is sooo not gonna approve! )

i'm off now.. kene buat jaw exercise.. zzzz i dont like!!!! but oh well..


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