mercredi, août 26, 2009


went jalan2 with nutty tart semalam.. konon macho ar bole angkat printer sendiri to modify.. walked half across ou.. dumbass gile!!! slh parking coz i was rushing mad time.. n malas kene panas (gedik gle).. mak aiii... penat hell!! but luckily i found this lucky bit of biskut.. my fav character! :) all my tiredness went away with a whif.. or should i say with a munch.. pastu lepas makan terasa comel mcm little miss sunshine! hahaha

i'm off for now.. tired, full, happy :) thanks boncet! u made my day today..

3 commentaires:

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: a dit…

hye nadia!
cute tissue..haha.i mis yo blog, lme tak update bace.selamat berpuasa!

Alin a dit…

wuaa i love lil miss sunshine :)

redBIGlychee a dit…

@ shikin: ramadhan al mubarak to u! :) see ya in sby

@ alin: i mmg obsess gle ngan lil miss sunshine,, comel kan kan!