dimanche, janvier 03, 2010

always trickled

i've just posted a new gadget on my blog.. and after testing it i suddenly remembered why oh why last time i threw it away... BiSiNg WEyY.... but then again, it's no harm putting it in again but with a different selection of music. Let's give it a go for lets say 7 days? if it's causing my ears to throb and my mood to blog to go landsliding and free falling, then sorry folks, might have to remove it again. Maybe perhaps i should replace it with my own voice?? hahahaha nightmare!!

goodnite blog-o-drama. i still miss my ubertweet. praying hard that i could get my trackball fixed tomorrow. *this is what happens when an addict like me is carrying around a broken bb for a record of more than 24hours. this is something. usually i'll run to the nearest repair centre. and oh btw, i enquired at this shop near my house..

me: boss, u can change blackberry trackball tak?
rm: heh? whats a trackball? what phone is that again?
me: a blackberry.. my scroller in the middle.. u know? yeah that one is missing
rm: haa? what? i dont know let me see 1st ha
me: ok
rm: OOOOOOOOOOO the joystick haaaaaaaaaa
me: (dalam hati) urrghhh i hate it when its called joystick. it's called a TRACKBALL
rm: can ah.. but i charge RM165
me: WHOT?? i just changed my trackball in indonesia and it's only RM40
rm: haa?? so cheap????? no no sorry miss. u want RM40 u go indonesia laaa
me: (dalam hati again) hampeh betul. lagi murah trackball dari tiket kot. geblek.
rm: it's ok laaa i give u discount.. only RM120.
me: oh ok.. how long will it take?
rm: 24hours lor.. coz must send to BB centre. i dont know how to do one
me: (dlm hati again again) erkkk i pun tau how to pasang my trackball, just that i need better & experienced hand to handle. and aaaa lama2 nnt takut hilang.. oh btw, ganti trackball 10-15mins jerr.. HELLOOOO.

conclusion.. tensen saya dibuatnye.

*joystick? wth.

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