jeudi, janvier 28, 2010

today's piano lesson

About 4 weeks back i decided that i wanted to polish my piano skills. However, i was eager of trying out something new. Instead of classical which I've been playing for years now, I wanted to try Jazz.. my new found ear-soothing companion. So i got to know this tutor who teaches contemporary music, and after 4 weeks of classes I just found out that he actually composes music and songs for the Malaysian Chinese music industry. This is my 1st time listening to it, and boy he is gooood! *Hence explains his very beautiful improvisation for all the classes we're been through*

So I've managed to pull through all of me with a HUGE laugh coz i still stumble upon the black and white keys in order to try to improvise through the semitones, the thrill, the staccato and whatever else there is.. and yes it's always "Nadiah.. why r u so afraid of your instrument?? u know how u want it to sound.. so imagine.. try... playyyy". Ok man.. not that easy. Apparently synchronising is my worst area coz I havent been playing for quite a while. But I'm pulling through.. trust me... i yeah.. hehe. As how adik says it everytime i go "AAAAAAA" in front of the piano -> "don't complain... u wanted jazz...haha"

Anyways, today I was given this whole new opening about different genres in music. I listed down Jazz, Latin, Blues, pop, rock, rnb, ballad, country, classical... and my memory went short.. *sorryyy... still in the process of it*. So toooday... it was all about going in depth with Jazz. How is jazz differed from classical, where did jazz come from, what are the sub genres in jazz.. and of course, various artist that i have to lookup on the youtube.

To my very shallow knowlegde on jazz... i learnt alot today.. there's more but basically i know what the HECK is jazz now. U see, in music, tempo is really important. A tempo togther with the scales and chords brings out what u call it as Groove. Jazz is all about the 2,4 count coz in jazz tension is usually given to the 2,4 count to make a difference between classical and jazz. It's hard to imagine in words but try listening to a jazz number. U'll see the jumps at every 2,4 count. 1.. 2.... 3.. 4.... get it?

Sub genres gives us the whole story of what jazz is made off. It's like the children of jazz. I'm very sure, bigband and swing is something super familiar to everyone and even to me.. but apparently there's MoRE.... yeah... be-bop, soul, acid jazz, blues, jazz fusion... etc etc. But on the surface of it, jazz is divided into black and white. I'm yet to find out more on these though.

I figured out that 4 weeks is not enough for me to master the feel of playing jazz. Hopefully It'll come through better within the next 4.

For the love of music.. (used to name my ipod that.. now it's called mambo italiano)

cheers. till my next wuteva pops.


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