vendredi, avril 16, 2010

exams done. referat done. odontogram done!

hello bello!

the title itself gives away the moment :P but yeah! done from forensic :) one down, 13 more to go. Ye masih banyak. Harap maklum.

So this was what happened yesterday after odontrogram which was the last assignment that we haven't completed but managed to do so yesterday eventhough it went on and on till almost 5pm. Thanks to dr Nyoman for the super uber patience!

I'm off now or I'll be late for punch card pagi.

ohhh... i did a huge sin! i forgot lia's bday!!!! ok i didnt forget but i stupidly got the date WRONG. nadiah how could uuuuu!!!!!!!!! promise to make it up to her... soweeeyyyyy liaaaaaaaa

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