lundi, avril 12, 2010


At last i've graduated part one of my journey, which comes with a "Nadiah Ahmad Fuad S.Ked". Incase ur wondering, S.ked is actually short for sarjana kedokteran. Here in indonesia, if ur formally addressed, your "gelar" or whatever u have graduated with, comes after your name. Well, that's one part done for me but the huge part would be "Nadiah Ahmad Fuad MD". yea maan!

Make up session started at 4am.. yes 4AM u r reading it right.. i was half asleep when they did it. Ceremony was at 8am, hence explains the 4am start right.. well, i successfully became opera cina on that day, but i kinda like my hairdo :) with the huge peacock on my head! oh well, once in a lifetime-do.

neways, i should be off now.. exam's in a bit. congratulations to all 06 mates on the S.Ked graduation.. may dokter muda-ship be smooth and healthy and that by nov next year we'll make it for our MD on time.. AMIN.


*i miss blogging*

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