lundi, octobre 25, 2010

Do u know that I once had this hair?

This is hillarious! I don't know what was I thinking but the red hair matched the curtains really fine but hey, the Halle Berry cut! I really remembered going to this quite expensive salon and making sure they got me the Halle Berry cut but because you can't see the style with plain black hair, I decided to highlight it, but because mahogany was out of stock, I did crazy and tried COPPER RED. Believe it or not.. but I did. I looked 3 years older.. oh Nadiah what were you thinking!

Anyway, Alhamdulillah I had great day today. Was smiling like a smelly papaya few hours ago during skype. Once again, ILU skype! Really got the missings into places, and I really really really do miss C heaps. I should get used to it. No soapy.. nu-uh *self reminder again*

I guess I should start hitting the books now. Exam's in 2 days and I'm on duty at the ER tomorrow. Hopefully nobody comes in at 3am with an itchy ear.

Good night beautiful people.

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~BluEBerRy~ a dit…

nasib bek ada skype..
t'ubat lar rindu org tu kat c die..ahaks..