dimanche, octobre 31, 2010

"extraordinary" school

To start with, it is not really called "extraordinary" school but because we had to make it sound interesting so here is what you get.. very "extraordi ary".. *say this with thila's eye gesture*. So this took place 2 days ago, which was my last day at the ENT or more GLAMOUR-ously known as otolaryngology after 4 weeks of heart-wrenching here and there. It's done and GONE at last.. yahoooooo! okay, about this school, it's a government aided special school for the deaf and mute children and it schools about more than 40 students throughout kindergarden, primary school, middle school, high school and they also do polish your skills so that when these children or by then adults, will be able to live and contribute to the society with their skills eventhough being deaf and mute.. How sweet right? At this point and being at that school, I surely am greatful that I am all normal.. Alhamdulillah.

We did nothing much there though. The ENT test that we were supposed to do was canceled due to lack of time blablabla, so we ended up just walking around getting to know the school. Since 90% are deaf-muted so the school is really noisy coz hey, they do scream alot.. like a lotttt. Let's just watch the short photo trail.. and see what happens next...

How cool is that??? he was actually shaking the tree.. hehehe

and what happened next???

Yes we rode the bus! and to be more exact... the Damri bus. *memory ringing..ding dong ding* the last time i remembered being on this bus was 4 years ago, my 1st week here and I was dead scared they'll sell us as the borders.. excuse me, which border nadiah? errr suramadu? ok back then it was just the jetty, no such thing as suramadu. And oooo I remembered wanting to ride this with C on the way back from the immigration last month, but somehow it started raining heavily and plan canceled. So this now fully air-conditioned Damri bus took us till our pitstop which was Tunjungan Plaza (instead of going back to l'hospital), and due to buckets of excitement (buckets lohh yaaa... lol).. this was what happened next..

This photo was such an essential you see, coz no where in this world would u find a Damri Bus no? noooo... so photo whoring with the bus was being normal apart from being looked at by numerous passerbyers looking sooo tourist. It was a good friday which the photo session later led to KFC and back to l'hospital to have our mini farewell session with the tutor..

and this too..

I guess that's a lot of photos in one post but hey, that's how much happiness u can share in a day :) love them to bits..

I miss c loads.. loadssss...

bye bye for now

ps: this helmet is very comel. i borrowed zulaika's just for the sake of a quick photo

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