mercredi, octobre 27, 2010

What's next?

"And so it is.. just like u said it would be.. life looks pretty on me.. " says Damien Rice, but sorry Damien mine doesn't look too pretty on me. Well, it's balanced, thank you universe. I had my OSCE exam today. It's this written exam but you get like a vignette and few questions to solve with it. Per post or per case question is 10 minutes and we'll do it till 5 stations. This OSCE type of exam has been adapted at many departments and please know that it is very good and has succeeded well at causing increase of cortisol level in every intern. I did and gave whatever I had left in my brain and I don't know what to expect from it, since last night I was on duty and trying deperately to calm myself.. you get that feeling right?

What happened then?

I don't get to sit for remedials which is scary because I can simply be failing hopelessly or well pass which I am praying really hard for the latter. Let's not elaborate this too further because I felt okay just now but well the too much talk spikes anxiety.. no no.. not healthy.

*this was part of the pre exams cool off*

I guess I'm hitting the sack now. Really tired.

Good night beautiful people.

*A little note before dozzing*
Guess what? Last night I had a mysterious delivery guy somewhere nearby the ER. "Nearby" because the MDG (mysterious delivery guy) claims that he is not good with directions to the ENT consult room. imu... u did so goood :) *hugs*

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