mardi, novembre 02, 2010

Happy Birthday Thila!!!!!!!!

It's still an hour away to her birthday anyway but since we had dinner already few hours ago, let's just make this whole post wishing Thila :

1. prosperous year ahead

2. may all her dreams come true (hehe that's the present we gave her)

3. may she become a kick ass doctor on the go

4. may she be blessed with all the wonderful things in life

5. i hope thila and sujen gets married real soon so that we can proudly present you the 06 wedding pioneer :)

6. wish thila would gain more weight and have a jaw dropping body by the time she's married and will always be a hot mama for the years to come (this j.Lo pic is like spirit booster)

7. may she always be a good daughter, good darling, great friend and just simply thila... forever and ever and ever and ever

8. love u loads

9. thank u sooo much for the dinner treat

10. ur cake rocks to bits!

Happy Birthday girlfriend! (not stating any age here *winks*)


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