vendredi, février 04, 2011

one to many

Trails of thought never fail me, even when it hits the keyboard and starts dancing in my eyes on the screen, but I stop at thinking.... should i post? shouldn't I? So for the past few what weeks? it has all been dragged to trash. Nothing too critical to miss anyway.

In many posts, there will always be a lengthful update on current doings, current feelings, current frenzy and everything else that I could put CURRENT in front of it.

but this one...

I have to write somewhere, somehow to ease the pain inside. To at least release some frustration.... i love my job really.. but i hate the fact so much that it's so difficult to go home. I can't take it anymore.

c'est difficile.

but with an empire state of mind....

the brilliants would say, there's always a silver lining over a cloudy day. Let's hope. Really hope there.

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