mardi, novembre 04, 2008


Here i am again.. after almost what.. a month? internet probs, i shifted n many more.. it's good to b bck though :) before i get my show rolling, i'm please to thank evryone who has contributed to my previous post.. thank u so much!

owkays.. where do i start?? as u can see, the photo feat above has wordings n it kinda explains itself.. heheh.. need more action, please contact d respective models.. (ee perasan!) These 2 men (oooo bunyi sgt macho) are my ultimate ghetto gossip trio.. could be my sunshine n could also be my monsoon, but they do make a difference of d daily post lecture life.

The photos were taken during our penang village outing last weekend.. coz rindu malaysian food.. so it was tomyam for imran, curry laksa for adnin & seafood mee for nadiah.. Which after i got bck, something went wrong n i spent d whole night pacing d toilet. [mencret.. as hw d locals would call it].. ok then, enjoy reading! will post d 2nd edition soon.. after exams. I still have patologi anatomi & pharmacology & ilmu kesehatan masyarakat in 2 days.. *fight fight fight*


nad&uggs.. [tibe2 gatal nk buat xoxo..heheh]

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nadhirah mohd shakri a dit…

nedd~~...put a cbox la in ur blog =)
nway,gmbar tu sgt klaka

[missmiracle] a dit…

heee...adnin ning3 ngn imran toink2 mst mkn baaanykkk!!a'ah...put the c box in ur blog..=0