vendredi, novembre 28, 2008

Rainy floody monday!

I was sooo stuck at home.. wanting to go out coz i had to settle my litbang biznes.. when suddenly the sky started crying out loud! here it is few pics that i manage to snap from the beca that i was on.. yes beca the trishaw.. i got pretty wet! and had a terrible horrible day after coz my atm card was rejected by 14 atm machines of various banks! I actually cried in front of the machine coz i was so stressed & upset.. atm card rosak, banjir pulak tu so i cant go to my local bank as it is far.. crappy gle! then, the bpk beca was charging me double frm the normal price due to the flood.. and i was almost out of cash due to the atm crisis.. & i had to pay litbang 150k for my thesis but i have no money in hand due to atm crisis!! what a day.. luckily daddy came to rescue. Had his staff to sort it out for me.. yay! oh ya.. gambar banjir.. enjoy! righteous :-s but heyy i seldom see banjir in KL.. so i actually find it kool.. to certain extreme of coz.. hehe

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