dimanche, novembre 30, 2008

post-exam feevah

I had d ultimost (ultimate + most) good morning from adam just now.. :) had 2 hours of precious chitchats before i get ready for ppgd (basic life support) exam & before he gets ready to fly off.. I didnt get to talk to him before he boarded coz i was still having exams.. & had to wait for 8-long-hours!! so.. in between of that 8 hours.. my newly found serenity of companions made their way to my house, as it seems that everybody finds everything here now. A stress soul comes & visit & returns home happy.. a happy soul came of boredom therapy & went home found something to do.. wow i feel half amazed of the blessings of this house :) saya chenta rumah saya! but anyways, so li brought her cam & my cam is always at go, so we went foto-foto-ing.. here r some of it that i've gone thru coz apparently we had tonnes of photos juz now.


4 commentaires:

♥ Queen S ♥ a dit…

owh.i like pics 2nd last tuh.
vogue gle.haha.
mne tah u snap?
i loike ur jeans..;)

spyderlily a dit…

hehehe old old jeans.. yg adnin & immy suro simpan dlm almari diam2 sbb diorg kate mcm org gile.. jht gle!! oh i snap dpn rumah i.. heheh

[missunshine] a dit…

i like the second one..is tat u..??the one holding camera tu.??chun!! second last pown chun !!=))

:+:+:+:ayenaucyuk:+:+:+: a dit…

nice~~ hehe. this is sow chun-ted!