mardi, décembre 16, 2008

bits of it

I had numerous imaginations on how i wanted this post to be, regarding to the photo posted with it.. but at the very second that i'm suppose to put my imaginations & thoughts into words, my fingers fail to amaze me.

However, i got this candle reflect shot during the storm yestrday.. massive blackout due to quite a pouty storm. It was somehow categorized into a mini "puting beliung".. as it is told by the local news..

I'll update later i guess coz my train of thought is somehow bugged with pharmaco-worries.. hahhahah.

*i miss u..*

1 commentaire:

Adam Z a dit…

in the darkness..i was there right by ur side..near the candle light..then terlanggar lilin..wax tertumpah atas buku...rumah bad :)