jeudi, janvier 08, 2009

going natural with acupuncture

ohohoho.. i had the most interesting & very entertaining lecture with dr indri just know.. finale of pharmacology sem 5.. "Obat Tradisional" & so there were numerous usage of temulawak in healing. For relaxing there's always aromatherapy & how u really work it out for proper healing & relaxing massages.. sgt menarek! & wut really got my interest so greatly was acupunture coz u see, at home (malaysia) my parents & i + aunties.. uncles.. grandma grandpa.. have this weekly acupuncture routine. works for

1. dermatological issues + awet muda!
2. fevers
3. joint & muscle pain
4. weight loss
5. dysmenorrhea
6. headaches
many more.. but usually these are the therapy that we chose according to personal needs.. ;)

If let's say u dun have a needle or x berani or maybe beginners.. in the event that u experience headache, gastritis (rasa panas kt perut), flu, cough.. there are a few points that u could massage on that could help to relief ur pain. ANYBODY INTERESTED???? oh welll i am! hehehhehe

1. headache--> fold ur ears.. at the top most tip, measure 3 fingers up, & there's the spot. Try pressing hard on it, if it's painful, then u got the point right. Massage circularly..clockwise.. 30 times..

2. flu ---> tepi nostrils.. ade cam longkang kan kan..heheh.. ha picit situ.. if sakit.. do the same thing as above..

3. cough ----> tepi tragus kt telinga.. ade cekungan.. press on it.. n do the same circular massage.. clockwise.. 30 times..

oh oh.. will update again later.. i hafta freshen up.. ade tis sosialisasi thingy utk international acreditation nye interview wif the dutch.. grrr.. i'm clueless.. but wuteva.. gotta run.. happy trying! good luck!!!

*my delirium..lavender massage u wang??*

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Adam Z a dit…

woooo...yup yup i wangggg...hehehe..wit perfume candles..or watever they call it :)