mercredi, janvier 07, 2009

new year wishlist.. awooooo

1st item on my 2009 wishlist would be.. i wanna visit adam in melbourne!!!!
Now with airasia.. everyone can fly.. ;)
but yeah kene save up dulu.. no shopping for me then.. (words of wisdom from a shopaholic)

no.2 would be the ultimate blackberry bold.. i loike!! it's jz so sexy & sophisticated..
with the very bold aura.. & the the the.. oh well.. kalau da suke tu.. everytg
about it is just so right.. kan kan kan.. & yeah the specs of coz..
it'll be too long to type it all out coz it's jz sooo good.. like omg.. hahah

I know it's a pretty short list coz hey.. to play safe.. let's make it short & simple..
last but not least.. ipod touch!!!! kesian my nano.. but hey i still luv u ok nano.. ;)

p.s.: i pass this tag to jannah, nad, saffy, alin & yern.. wish all u want!!!

*my delirium..*

2 commentaires:

Adam Z a dit…

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..cant wait for my gurlfrennnnnnnn to come melbongggggggg... :) ...later we go c koalas n throw rocks at them coz they're lazy (omg cruelty at its best)

p.s : luv luv luv my nad <3

Iynas Omar a dit…

ipod touch is sooooooo COOOOOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

u really should have will benefit u better than me..huahuahua