lundi, janvier 26, 2009

pic ke sejuta kali & related stories..peace :)

AT LASSTTT!!! This pic looks most decent.. susah gile oke! bt i still find myself looking very funny..hahhaha.. oh well this was taken last night during dinner with dato' mustapha mohd @ shangrila.. with the hungry faces.. i know.. it's just dang o.b.v.i.o.u.s. Dinner was owkaylahhh.. but the pastries were good! :)

but but dinner was served after 4 hours of waiting coz ade some prob & mischedule from the vip's site.. fuhhh 4 hours oke! penat snapping photos of everything in the hall.. dahla shangrila is soo jauh from our area.. It's about wut 20-30mins away. But everybody waited.. til the ceremony finishes.. oooooo nk taw taaakkk.. Ade this lost soul.. i Dunno which couture pulled his legs or touched his soul or wuteva.. he was freaking wearing a grandpa's hat wif sunglasses at 7pm ok!!! I know la the chandelier is very shiny & gorgeous but HELLOOOO.. SALTUM rekkk.. SALTUM = Salah kostum.. hohoho.. and he didnt take it off except during eating coz i guess he couldn't locate his chicken on his plate with the sunglasses on!! GubraXxxx! And hoho moho joho.. he wore it right till the event finishes.. which was around wut.. 11 perhaps?? ngahahaha.. bang oiiii nk jadi artist ponnn.. errr salah ocassion okes!

Oh oh my song is up! my fav.. over & over again ---> tim mcgraw feat nelly..

will upd8 soooonnnn.. ooo btw, provides numerous facilities and among those i find very very useful is license renewal! u dun have to have those cards nemore but just pay it up online & update the record into your mycard at the nearest JPJ unit. Cool ehh??? I LUV MALAYSIA!!!

*my delirium... yoohoo..*

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