dimanche, janvier 25, 2009

smoking hot room decors

OHhohooho.. u'd be in love as much as how i got bitten after looking at these decors.. U could find it online at SLIV makeover & her shop is in Bandung.. So this SLIV room makeover is a colaborated business on the go between Olive (an architecture student from Institut Teknologi Bandung--ITB) & a local furniture manufacturer called Ruang & all is found in Bandung. The goods are ranged between retro, chic, glamorous, gothic & summer colours. The best part is, Olive gives online consultation via email! So i'll be using her idea to help makeover my rooom!!! best best best... so here, are photos of my favs from her page.. ~drool~

*my delirium.. yes my dear ur help is needed*

2 commentaires:

Adam Z a dit…

omg...carpet binatang! zalimmmmmmm..zalimmm panggil wwf kaarang...hehehhe...u need my help baby? later we skin dugong n make into sofa..letak kat ur room k?

luv u nad xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

...nadiah ahmad fuad... a dit…

keeejjjjaaaammmm!!!!!! :P :P evil mevil