dimanche, février 22, 2009

when boredom spells the air and nadiah grows her flair..hee.

ohohoho.. tomorrow i'm having my pharmacology exam.. final straw & off i go!!! & oh yes i'm back in sunny surabaya but never too sunny these days due to the rainy season.. heavy wind & massive rain & thunderstorm. But during my "journey" to the KLIA on tuesday.. it was quite a drama. So well.. i said my bye2 to A.Z. (miss u..loads) as he was sending my stuffs to the airport limo.. and yeah this time daddy couldn't send me as he is away.. so i had the jasa baik of the limo.. fine.. we were right on time and yada2 but up near somewhere in the middle of LDP, timing belt mamat tu putus plakkkk.. aduhaiiii.. so we had to make a quick stop at one of the petrol station along the highway & there was still about 20 minutes journey to the airport & my flight is at 4.30 & the timing belt decided to grate itself at around 2.30.. GREAT!! luckily ade substitute and i made it on time :)

Since i'm flying with MAS (ticket muraaahhhh.. rm150!!) and dpt 20kg plus, so apelagi.. i brought back everything i could.. and and and..... hehehehhe.. i brought back study chair with a roller (thanks to ikea) & a notice board (thanks to ikea).. smp kene perli ngan my dad.. "almari xnk ke?? katil ke???"

So... as days past.. i've been having fun everyday! hohoho.. the day after i got back, was busy reshuffling my room.. then, i remodified my curtain.. (added a lil pink to whites & black ribbons to make it a lil bolder).. then then.. here comes the sinest of sins.. heheh.. i started online shopping. I bought a zebra carpet (i've posted it earlier in one of my posts) & i bought some beauty products.. which consists of:

1. Lulur sekar jagat
2. Lulur bali alus
3. sabun sirih
4. foot salt

All of these would be part of my new project with my housemates.. "menjaga aset". heheh.. n ohhh btw.. the lulur is sooo cheap but i'm still waiting for the parcel coz it's air-posted from bali.. so if it works well, any buyers.. buzz me.. lulur sekar jagat per 100gm is just rp7500, and lulur bali alus is rp8500, sabun sirih rp12500 & foot salt rp5000. and soooo.. i've registered myself in another prog for a month.. hahaha wouldn't be enclosed here though.. well we'll see the result. I'm excited myself as i'm investing on it =p

Oh oh.. i went nongkrong with the fam few days back.. omg crazy laughs.. It was a while since the last nongkrong as exams were so uptight.. photo's will be up sooooon!!! coz i'm yet to copy it from suryo.. later ppl.. farmako takes lead now..

xoxo (i miss GG)

*my delirium.. sunburn? chicken burn?*

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candylips a dit…

hye nadiah..very interesting blog..:)well just want u to know that i did follow ur blog and i found it very impressive.i ade bg credit dkt u in my blog sbb i think i like ur english as well..i pye english is still weak..byk lg kene blaja..and i think by reading ur blog, it'll help me a lot..:)