samedi, mars 07, 2009

when 22 perks in

heloooo earthlings! i've been wanting to update my blog but due to the very very bad internet connection, i couldn't upload my photos.. hence, didnt update the bloggy.. but i'm taking the blessings of this wonderful sunny morning of my very special day to thank everyone... for the wishes.. the thought was simply touching and deeply meaningful :)

So the wishing rodeo started with papa & mama at 11am waktu indonesia barat but it's about 12am Malaysian time coz according to them "ur a full-fledged we wish u according to malaysian time" so from mommy it was: Here's a big hug from us on your birthday. Have a great day till we come next week. Love u!! :) wishing u nothing less but the best on ur special day.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I love u mommmyyy!!! & my dad sang over the phone.. n yes lil nutty tart was too grooggy to wish coz she puasa yesterday.. so it sounded more off "uuuk uuuu..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
aaannnnnddddd groggy A.Z. wished me at 2am indo time coz pity him struggling thru the 4 hours difference but darling u sounded cute singing in that very very groggy voice!! hahahahhah.

at about 12.30am local time.. there were sooo many weird sounds and on cable there was this making of terowongan rumah sakit.. cite hantu revenge.. spooky.. pastu ade bunyi pelik2 kt my house & my housemate & my maid were sound asleep.. i was 3 quarter spooked so i immediately looked my door, changed the cable channel & blast the volume.. and zzzzzzzzzzzzz... suddenly my housemate ketuk2.. "nad.. nad.. r u asleep.. i'm scared.. nadd... " after a while baru tersedar & i woke up to help her out.. but butttt.. hahahhaha there were cake n candles & cece, manes, adit & suryo.. hahahaha so sweeetttttttt... so they sang.. i was soo malu coz my bedroom face & eyes were so obvious & suryo was busy videoing everything! hahahhah ternyata the hantu was him.. grrrrr.. so coz of that he got my first cake coz he impressively got me spooked! by which usually i try to be the hero n just lock the hantu off my mind... haahahahha..u got me there! The cake was deliciously lemon with soft spongy texture.. with fruity topping! and 3 candles.. hehehe.. Thank u soooo much.. sooo much!! :) and so after that we went to bantai sate kelape at about 1am.. burp! n till now i couldn't sleep coz my phone haven't stop vibrating eversince.. but Alhamdulillah it was a good 21 last year.. & hopefully it'll be a good 22 this year and all the years ahead..

Memories could be kept better than treasures in a chest .. coz it embeds in u and will always be part of u for the rest of the remaining living years.. this is to the life that brought me this far, this old (taaakkk masih muda!!), this wise, this happy and passionate, and of course this very greatful to the rezeki that was given to me.. Alhamdulillah..

let's shake it people! partayyy!!!!

*my delirium... officially aminalised.. ngeeheee*

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Izyan Nadirah a dit…

happy birthday!!!=D

Y E R N ain a dit…

happy birthday!!!! =)