samedi, mars 21, 2009


putting thoughts into words.. emotions into sentences.. wow haven't been doing that in a while..

Today, of all the days.. i miss u so sooo much.. terribly much. twitched the rindu nerves i guess.

Few hours ago, i thought of goin out to find a cd that suits my mood, but noooo it's too hot.

Few mins ago momo called to gossip but i was in d middle of something and had to hang up.. dude where r u?????? pick up d fon n gossip!!!! yeah gossip is his first name anyways.

Now, I'm so tempted to party(darn those invites) but I also have tonnnnessss of reading to be done & my stupid neighbour is gassing his motorcycle.. i bet he uses pasir & pipe water for gas coz it sounds horrible! I might drag myself to the gym & blast my ipod & run a few miles.. yeah maybe i shoud.. maybe it'd do me some good.. I want to smile.. smile and smile.. but baby i miss you and i'm stuck with a long to do list.. and hell where's ulil, suryo, manes and bujings.. rejuvenate with me ppl.. i noe u need it badly too :P (pasti tidur mulu!)

yesterday, i missed friday fever but I went for sauna and steam.. ooooo it's so calming and pores-opening. I came home and the girls dragged me in for a hot gossip.. (juicy!) then a.z. called.. omg it was pink berries in november! i luv u! :-)

maybe tomorrow, i have to decide whether im joining them to backpack to jogjakarta.. i want to but but but.. i don't know.. i'm just not in d mood.. i'll rethink when my mind is crytal clear tonight.. and the gang is going to jombang tomorrow for a food feast.. i don't know whether i should go or not..

I need caffeine. and you.


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Adam Z a dit… call made ur day huh? hehehehe :) wat u haf to sayang...if u think u can make it then go join em for backpacking k..either way...ill b to u...always XOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOX