vendredi, mars 20, 2009


At last im blogging.. heehee.. been so lazy to even switch on my lappy.. why naddy lifeless? hahaha ntah.. tired of "duduk manis" kt lecture hall 7.30-1.40 without lunch break! grrrr.. oh so well.. when boredom or kematu pungkoq sinks in.. i'll start texting miss J or rheno who sits next to me will start creating gossip & circulate around facebook.. hahahah gle jobless k! coz we're just soo bored, tadi on d way back from class, i saw my junior walking home.. & miss J connected with my crazy scheme.. so she rolled down the window "halu amira.. koq lama g liat.. qm kemana aj" i was busy hiding & laughing it off.. gilaaakkkk.. muke mira terrorized gile k.. jap lg as bujings drives down slowly, we saw another victim.. that dude was busy smoking & luckily he didnt choke.. hahahahahahha.. oh oh and tadi during class manesky texted.. giving away this super happy pricing for beri hitam. omg omg omg i want alsooo!!!!! hopefully ade rezeki..

soooo.. what have i been doing since 1st day of class.. lets see.. movie movie movie, gym, jazz-ing, beli buku, window shopping, wisata kuliner.. erm oh yeah dating.. hee.. but jazz-ing the other day was goooodddd... but d not so nice part was the club's event manager was busy eye-ing and he was so pushing for my number and yes i was offered tequilla and bar dancing but erkk.. i didnt go there for that.. but anyways, he was crapping alot coz he was drunk anyways and wouldnt stop calling till today.. (i didnt wanna give my num but i got busted on d spot giving d wrong num.. hee luckily it was noisy) n yesh tonite ade event there with one of this very high profile surgical intern hosting the event.. music would be dang dang gooodd.. n i was offered free pass but but but after haritu with arab gatal and so many whores and man whores.. i don't think so..

Surabaya has started sunny shine days already and babe lets burn our booties! hahahah panas glerrrrrr... n oooooo mommy daddy n nutty tart came last weekend! birthday prezzies were goooodd.. aigner all the way baby.. :) n i had my humongous share of sushi-tei! weehee! sushi haunted..

off to gym now.. wanna grab a latte on d way.. in neeeedddd to release a buck load of ephedrines.. neeed neeeed need..

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Adam Z a dit…

grrrrrrrrrrrrr i will protect my gurlfren from itchy2 ppl *slash using lightsaber*