samedi, avril 18, 2009

hasil foto gue di oprek-oprek

hahahahhahahaha.. seriously this dude (arif) has one hell of a mind! hahahahaha.. the pic below is the original pic i took during lia's bday ermm.. ermm... penghancuran?? whatever you call it.. and this dude got so excited about it and decided to become the new berhala of FK UNAIR. Rock on man! gak pernah gue pikirian mau ngedit se-dahsyat ini! hahahahahah hahahahhaha hahahahahhahah ok i still can's stop laughing!

sorry bloggy.. i owe u loadssss loadddsssss of photos. But my internet connection is pissing me off.. Nak je g beli si beri hitam jap lagi. tp confirm mama won't talk to me for a week! but im still considering it anyways.. he he he..

Xl's sms retriever is giving me probs.. can't receive international sms.. arrghhhhh i can't receive a.z.'s msges.. bisa gila gue lama2.. oh well YM please do me some mercy!

*my delirium... i MISS you*

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