vendredi, mai 22, 2009

it's an AM thing

At last I'm blogging! Cz I finally found the way to sign in.. Hahaha all tis while I've only been visiting "myself"..

so today, there's neuro oral post test.. Totally. *mcdreamy mode on* eventho a lot has commented on FB that they prefer mcsteamy (super hotbod drool) mode on.. Yeah suke2la korang nk mcsteamy ke mcdreamy ke mcflurry ke.. Back to test.. I'm just hoping for the best and trying trying trying to be as calm as my toes could take me.. Coz I have this motoric aphaxia when I sit infront of scary professors.. God bless!

Last week I had my turn at the psychiatric ward.. One big bomb of new environment for me.. 1. The hospital surroundings.. Serious zaman belanda kuno kot

2. Org kat psyc ward sgt mengiburkan! They give u funny answers but u just hafta pull a straight face and save it.

3. Sgt byk manusia tidur luar ward.. Waiting for their warded family members.. Yang warded only 1, yang tunggu sekampung!

But it was fun of coz.. Just that now neuro is memeningkan coz we had only 3days to store all d neurological tests to our hard disks and boom exam is 2 hours from this very second..

Off for now.. Cheers from my today-green berry ;)

*i miss A.Z badly*

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