samedi, juin 27, 2009

eyeliner techniques

"There is no room for fear or panic when we tell you that this summer’s trend in make-up includes a touch of the magnetic eyeliner. Don’t bother trying to convince yourselves that using eyeliner is the most efficient and quick way to ruin your make-up, by turning your eyes into blurry smeared drawings, as it is simply not true. Always remember that practice makes perfect, ladies. The secret of the “tricky” liquid eyeliner lies in the mastering of few techniques that we will graciously share with you just days before the hottest part of the summer. Proper make-up foundation You need to give a base coat of foundation and powder for the eye make-up to adhere to. Even if you don’t want to wear foundation, just apply it to your eyes and always use liquid eyeliner after eye shadow application. The foundation is needed so that it can even the color of the skin around the eyes and create a smooth, oil-free surface for the make-up. We strongly recommend that before applying the eyeliner, you slightly sweep the lightest shade across the entire area from lash line to brow. For your eyes, select eye shadows in compatible shades – you cannot go wrong with a pretty shade of white, pink, beige or peach, no matter what your skin tone is. Choosing a brush Forget about the thick brushes. It takes a professional to handle them properly and even they use them mostly in body art. You will achieve a far more precise and fine eye line, if you use a thin brush. There is a wide variety of products and brands on the market so you are free to experiment with something new and compact such as liner brush. Liner brush is an extremely thin and flat brush with thick and short hair span. Its resemblance to the drawing brushes, used by artists, turns make-up application into an easy and somewhat artistic experience. However, this brush requires a more specific type of eye shadows –those that are long-lasting with a creamy structure and have the effect of the regular liquid liner. These shades come in a variety of nuances and can be found in almost every cosmetic store. And finally… Bring your eyes to a half-open state when you apply the liner as this is the only way to prevent the tremor of the eyelid muscle. You do not need to try and apply the liquid liner all in one long line. It is highly recommended that you follow the Triple Technique, instead of spending half an hour in front of the mirror in timid attempts to sweep the brush across your eye lid. The Triple Technique consists in painting a few small dashes onto the lash line, the inner, middle and outer corner then going back and connecting them. If needed, go back and repeat the lines. If you are trying to achieve the cat eye look – starting at the inner corner of your eye, slowly draw a thin line across your eyelid and extend that line past your lash line. If you use brush liner to apply all of the abovementioned techniques, you will also achieve a sexy look, but with a far more natural effect. Regardless of your choice of products, don’t be afraid to experiment in the privacy of your own home."

Hope it does all some good.. I got this from one of the soo many articles on9. Cheers*

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