lundi, juillet 20, 2009

it's called TMJ

After a week of pain, yes ur such a pain in the ar**.. i finally googled what happened to my jaw. It's called a TMJ people.. i just had to google it coz i don't have a clue which medical practitioner to consult. So, in the end it's a dentist whom im suppose to pay a good hello. This is how (well supposedly) my jaw is supposed to look before and now (the pic above). This TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) displacement or misallignment comes with a beautiful clicking sound of the jaw. and yes the click sound comes together with an "OOOOUUUUCCCHHHHH".

So in order to get it back alligned, it is said that an orthotic or a splint is worn over the teeth in order to stabilize the bite.. blimmeyy, when i open my mouth now, it somehow slides extra to the right (the normal side) and it never escapes the click. eewwwww! but i'm yet to consult a dentist..

oh dear.

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Adam Z a dit…

...mayb u smile too much..or laugh too much...but thats not fair...u make every1 else laugh n smile becoz of that.. :( i hope u get well soon...u deserve to eat anythin n everythin while ur in msia holiday-ing..n of course..i wanna keep talkin n laughin wit u :(