dimanche, juillet 19, 2009

thank u ika!

been waiting for this pic :) thnx ika!

btw, i have a new fetish... kopitiam-ing! almost everyday, at least one meal at old town coffee. The hazelnut coffee is simply theeee best. nasi lemak pun sedap k! There's this place called otak-otak at tropicana city.. went there for tea with a.z. 2 days ago.. the setting of the shop is catchy coz they have all this back to the 80s thingy going on.. so if u.. once upon A time ago, ate colored so called smarties dalam that number 8-shaped wrapping, chocolate balls tora, played donkey cards and green plastic soldiers, it would b a cute back to time moment to enjoy... i'm waiting for a.z. to upload photos.. will share some pictureseque insights about this cafe aites.. soooon.

happy sunday-ing :)

eh lupe pulak... that's ika up there.. my junior :D

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Adam Z a dit…

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr im so gona kidnap u during raya when ur wearing thaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttt...then i pakai baju melayu n we pose kan