vendredi, novembre 20, 2009

after a while

Oh how I've missed blogging so bad! Been busy. Busy musy busy.

Neways, today I had my 10pm-6am turn @ the labor room @ VK bersalin. It was happy with chingling bells of lalala. Ok it started with caesarian at about 11 till 12 +, baby was out in a jiffy but they steriled the mommy's tubes and it took her awhile to kick in with anaesthesia, so yeah everything went on for bout an hour plus. But it was my 1st!! I was dead excited. The way they did the lipotomy without hesitation, and the twisting and turning the baby.

Then there was the normal labor or partus pervaginam. Each one of em had their own style. This 21 year old lady screamed herself out coz she couldn't stand her contractions. I had my hand grabbed and almost bitten coz she just couldn't take the pain, and it got worst when they sew her up. Hadeiii,, and my friend wanted to help her drink but the lady somehow got into the wrong direction due to pain and the water plastered all over her face! Hahahaha I wanted to laugh coz she was kinda overreacting. Ok who am I to judge her pain but errrr everybody else were also in labor and they weren't wailing. But the funny part was when her placenta was out and she shouted so loud that the ob-g asked "sakit ya bu, sabar ya, masih dikit aja lg" and she said "oh gak doc, geli". Hek??? Conpius kejap. And then coz she had that defecating sensation and takut her baby terkeluar instead "aku beraaakkkkk!!!!!!" It was 1am plus and she was shouting. So us clerks the kasta sugra of the hospital hierarchy, checked for defecation, and to our no surpises, nada. Nothing came out.ohhya we did ask "bu, ni rencana anaknya berapa?" "Aduu doc sakitnya kayak mau mati, aku gak mau punya anak lagi". Haha we'll c how true.

And here comes this patient, suddenly tagging on my labcoat "doc pipis. Aduu pipis.. Aduu doc... " Ok got her the pee pot but she seemed confused. And that was when I realised she was not mentally well. I pitied her, don't know whether she's really married or a rape victim. She was in pain and confusion coz we asked her and she just couldn't compute to situation and d next thing I know, baby's out. Just a mere 27weeks old, innocent, non-breathing baby. It was an IUFD case (intrauterine fetal death) and the baby was like a doll. Inalillahiwainnailaihirojiun. Oh her blood pressure dropped low after that. So I saw a shock position being practised for REAL :)

Then there's 1st time mommy but with bayi letak sungsang. The baby came butt 1st! And was really acrobatic for the next few hours. He had a good time sucking his toes instead of his fingers :) sweet baby.

There's a 41year old mommy trying for a girl after 3 boys and got another boy but she said "aku dah gak kuat doc, steril aja habis ini" so she wanted her tubes tide. Yes dear lady, she came in with pre-ecklampsia anyways.

Before I headed for the door, there was another partus on the way but we had enough vahjayjay! And the one on the way was a c-sec.

All through 10pm-6am, had a splatter of amniotic fluid, blood from a ripped IV line, blood from catching the placenta, wore fishmonger boots to OT, saw an op for REAL and I luv it! Learnt a whole bunch of new things and I still have hell a lot more to learn.

Never regretted even a single second doing what I'm doing now.


Ps: on some days you're painful, but on most days ur bloodyful. But that makes u. And I miss u

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