mercredi, décembre 16, 2009

something new

There's one thing u should know that this particular living species, never fail to fill me in whenever I go "tell me something new". So this is what I got last night in the midst of crying coz I couldn't absorb anything for today's exam & I had bad bad baaad p.pain.

"Tonight 787 dreamliner will be flying for the 1st time"

:) and then lists of specs and wows came after.
-environmental friendly
-less sound pollution
-made from re-sumtg carbon sumtg
-pilot gets a whole control panel instead of a joystick
-whole cabin is without bulb but instead it uses LED
- it causes abt 150-200mil usd
- 1st airline to purcase it is all nippon airline
- it'll b flying for 4 hours across DC
- I'm such a good student :)

Chop2. off for exams. May it b less messy than my imagination coz I just can't wait to get this over with.

*im rubbing it in again.. I got my tcket home.. For only usd10. So I swiped my virgin amex without hesitation! Thank u to enrich for making it sweet and rich. Adios!

"Viva la dolce vita-patrizio"

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annaheim a dit…

its not a joystick.its a guna joystick,but boeing guna yoke.hehe.:)