vendredi, décembre 18, 2009

sang pemimpi

I didn't follow the novel saga which started with laskar pelangi previously. But in case you're wondering, laskar pelangi & sang pemimpi is part of Andria Hinata's novel saga which has successfully been played in d movies. I tell ya, this fellow is brilliant! Eventhough I didn't read his novels, but the story line & the quotes used were deep and simply moving.I salute the creator of this saga.. Brilliant mind!

I won't give out the whole movie as I don't intend to spoil it for the rest :) but here's a loopy peek..

it spins about the life of ikal and arai.. With ayah juara 1 dunia, bron, pak guru, kepala sekolah and few other people who come and go but brings effect in influencing them to dream and go about to catch their dream. Hard work people! Real hard hard work. But since the setting is somewhere in belitung (sumatera) so the language is very much melayu :) I find it very unique.

A must watch.. bring ur tissue! Oh, qoti was busy tear-ing towars d end of the movie, and so is cece & rina.. Me? Told ya.. I sometimes have a cold cold heart. Cut fit for cardiothoraxics! Hahahaha rights..

I can't wait for next week to end. Can't wait to pack and go Home! and start planning for january-mid march. And oooooooo early april one of my classmates is tying the knot and ringing the bell! Omggggggg soooo sweeetttt :) :) :)

Off now. Need to tackle surgery notes today.

*787.. :( *

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