samedi, janvier 09, 2010

malaysian, typical. r u one of em?

For those who tweets, maybe u read my endless tweets condemning about the typical malaysian attitude.. S E L F I S H. If u are one of those who goes around saying Singaporean are Kiasus, try reflecting on yourself. If u:

1. ride on the public rail transport and regardless of the pouring passengers, u just stand stupid at the nearest pole to the exit and create a huge "clump" with other of your kind and giving problems to people who comes in and goes out AND just IGNORE the obvious fact that the middle part of the train is quite empty and spacious but because u don't want to at least be a bit civilised to give way to others coz you're scared u can't go out?

2. stop by to watch accidents by the roadside and causing congestion for others behind u when u know that u can't freaking help but maybe could just comment?

3. when u see an elderly people boarding a public transport or perhaps lining up to pay bills but u have this thing in ur head that says "im in a rush, i need to get ahead of the line, plus where is his son?"

4. suddenly a new hip shop opens near ur shop and it somehow effects ur business, u would blackmail the new shop or maybe "jampi owner bagi mati or bankrupt?" ?

5. sit in a group and blackmail other people or perhaps backstab each other to look good and innocent?

6. to happily receive help but such a big laze to help others with just simple favors? like maybe help to carpool ur childrens' friend back home whom suddenly is in need of transport?

7. to say "eh u buat pharmacy sebab u x dpt medic eh?" or "u buat medic kt indonesia sbb x pas so kene bapak byr eh?" or "dah tak pas tu, jadi cikgu je la" ????

if u are... by any ways.. one of these or all of these.. stop labelling kiasu and start writing SELFISH on ur forehead. oh i forgot, it's just a true malaysian way of doing things.. isn't it?

we could do much better than this. stop condemning and finding mistakes and weaknesses in others.. instead.. REFLECT. THINK. ACT.

nevertheless, i love malaysia with all my heart.

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Khairizan Y. a dit…

oh im all with you nad, couldnt agree more!

lolahunny a dit…
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