mercredi, janvier 06, 2010

my new homework

awoooooooo!!! I've started my jazz piano lesson today.. boy oh boy my theory skills dah berkarat. So we started off by knowing the difference between jazz beats and classical beats. My teacher is 21years old.. son of my violin teacher. He's ssooooo hip and cool!

Jazz beats gives more harder hits at the 2nd and 4th note bringing in the jumpy sound. I was brushed on my old scales... the minors majors (basic chords) but i'm still about lousy on the tension chords.. the major 7th and friends.. But my teacher.. mr L (named after beethoven's 1st name) gave me an easier way to cope up, using fingering instead. Coool kan!

Then here comes scary part.. playing back my scales... and it's with metronome this time. Was told to play each octave according to the type of notes, eg: 1 octave is played in crotchet and so on till 4 octaves. At 1st fingering was funnyyy but i managed! wee to the hee! :) and i was given my 1st hw.. hehehe. before that he showed me his improvisation for my HW. oh btw, improvisation is important in jazz.

ok.. here it is.. now u can tell huh why im soooo semangat to practise this week! yup u bet i am :)


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annaheim a dit…

akak reti main piano la!!!ajar saya ajar saya!
akak,lagu marriage d'amour reti tak?reti la reti la.nak soh ajar.