mardi, janvier 05, 2010

mon oh day

Let's see... i started innocently (lah sangat) with so many sounds from my blackberry. YM laa, sms laa, email laaa, blackberry messenger laa, group messenger laa... belom lagi bukak twitter.. it was oozing up to 119 notifications over 4 hours. That's considered average coz everybody sleeps during those 4 hours but apparently some other parts of the world are still wide awake.

So the morning curtsies with YM-ing with kathy(qoti)- nama popular terbaru. She, Lia and puput were busy getting their flight tickets here and im telling ya, their process of getting in done from morning till evening was reaalllyyyy funny. It's either somebody's missmatch passport ID or the travel agent wanting so many details, CID/CVD number hunt, ticket timing with my timing to pick them up... but pyu pyu pyu! they got their tickets at last. YAYYYYY can't wait!!! Eh ok, i've accidently jumped to another story, okays back to YM-ing.. So aside from googling for tickets, we were busy tracking for backpackers hostel in Singapore, reading through reviews, checking the google map and comparing prices. At last we were down to 3 choices and maybe later I'll do the 10% depo so that it wont run awayyyy and yeah, i've booked buses as well :) u get brain tired in the evening coz it's like this goose race for "who gets the cheapest tickets and best hotel rates".. but hey, thinking of the trip makes the spirit pumping non stop.. huga huga baby! (gle random).

That's the singapore part, after that we're going around KL and perhaps penang.. maybe. Trying out hop on hop off bus.. haha being born and brought up in KL.. i myself have never tried that bus... but i did check out the info and reviews, it seems worth it tho. The routes and bus stops are very strategic. Price wise?? about what rm19 for my-kad adults & student card/ 24 hours. So u could go unlimited rides in a day, but the timing or frequency of the buses i'm yet to find out.

What's next on our list?? hehe.. will post photos later. Everybody's screaming for me to join breakfast with them.. sheesh.. ye ye saye datang.

ohohomahoho... forgot to add in.. I GOT ADDICTED TO PRINCESS HOURS. Drama mmg hebat.. mmg berdrama habis lah. But I have to admit it's sweet but i can't stand the super lengthy storyline. Imagine, per dvd has 4 episodes, and this series has 6 dvds! Memamg boleh tumbuh fungus if tak gerak till completing all the 6 dvds. If bukan fungus, gangrene pun boleh. But for a lady of leisure (for now) like me.. hehehe I had fun! thank god i didnt cried. Who cried??? please raise ur hand.. puhleaasseee raise ur hand :p eh eh jangan salah ye, i didnt go all 6 dvds, i did only 1st, 2nd, and 6th with skipped episodes and pressing alot of >> button. ok ok i'm off!


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