vendredi, février 26, 2010

End of the rainbow.. *envy u anna*

I envy u anna!!!!! this dude has a voice to die for.. i still melt to a gazillion pieces and still have those goosebumps when i listen to his songs. I actually even bought Jazz in the city with sandhy sandoro. hahaha.. just cause huh.

This guy is called sandhy sandoro, he has this sexy husky note going around there. I was told by friends that he's an Indonesian who studies in Germany & has made a big name in several countries in europe. Released a few albums there. Now we're waiting for his album to be out in Indonesia. He has appeared on various tv shows.. it's like a new-found diamond in the middle of the arabic desert.. cewahh. But really, with voice this good, where has he been all this while??

here it is, "end of the rainbow".. my favourite.. enjoy!

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