vendredi, février 26, 2010

a simple hye after a long while

I've been tweeting so much that i forgot to update my blog. Life's been as it is. Home is more than fine. Been spending most of time reading those books that i couldn't touch during lecture-full days. I've even got so into this mood where I prefer alot of time alone rather than bustling around in noisy crowds and gatherings. Sorry friends.. I owe a lot of people a lepak session but I'm just not really up for it. I'm terribly sorry. And plus most times that I'm free, friends are busy with top-to-toe list of projects, chores, dates, works etc. Life has to go on.

Alhamdulillah i passed yudisium! yayy :) and we had our angkat sumpah dokter muda 2 days after. Well, personally it wasn't a relief coz i could really feel the super heavy to-come-burden on my shoulders just waiting to be thrown on any minute. I'm not complaining, in fact I can't wait for all the challenges ahead. Who wouldn't! It's a WHOLE new environment. *yeahh says the nad the geek*

I have pretty much to update but it'll come better with photos. one fine day people.

Till then.


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