mardi, mai 04, 2010

tonggang terbalik

At this point of time, I regretted for not blogging that much and instead keep things flowing out too emotionally. Not healthy I tell ya!

I'm currently ophthalmology-ing till next week then I'm off to surgery.. Hoo yeah! But things have been a lil bit of the off and on lately. Loads of new people come by, some leave marks, some don't. And those who does show signs to stay but well to make things short... I'm in no shape.. After one incident currently. My tweets have been depressing eversince sunday. Perhaps I've been too far drifted. I practically lost spirit now.. And that sucks bigtime!

Well, here's one for myself... I'll keep back on track, back to my hobbies and back to keeping my spirit alive. Eventhough it means letting go of soo many beautiful things that maybe ain't mine yet. My time will come.

Sungguh tersirat kan? Hahaha.. Privacy purposes...

Luv u life.

2 commentaires:

Hakim Nasir a dit…

to stop writing is not good for ur health Doc:), keep blogging and draw smile on ur face.

naddy a dit…

u rawk :)